Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I was disappointed by the Washington Post's coverage of the recent nightclub shooting in Northwest Washington ("Hundreds Mourn Slain Teenager," January 27, 2007). Even on the same day as publishing a superb letter to the editor pointing out that we must go after the availability of guns if we really want to curb the fatalities from violent crime in this city ("Target Guns First"), the Post publishes another article that ignores gun control as the central issue in this case. Instead, the article ("Hundreds Mourn Slain Teenager") iterates calls for new regulation to "keep children safe," which indicates that the age of the victim is somehow the central issue here. On the contrary, the death of an adult in this case would be just as tragic, and it is the proliferation of guns that should be the focus of all efforts to prevent this kind of event in the future. Furthermore, discussions about whether music or alcohol had anything to do with the death of Taleshia Ford are untenable arguments; in fact, the person at the center of the shooting was deservedly kicked out of the club for smoking marijuana. Without the presence of the gun in the commission of this violent crime, Ms. Ford would probably still be with us.

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