Thursday, February 01, 2007

Was it right that two guys who placed LED signs around Boston as part of a guerilla marketing scheme for a television show have been arrested?

And why were these guys targeted if this was a plan that went all the way to Turner Broadcasting Corporation and was created by a PR firm?

I don't blame Boston for its reaction to these devices, which were obviously part of a coordinated plan to send a message. Unfortunately, Boston thought the message was something more menacing than "watch our show."

The biggest problem is that there was no communication among the various component companies of Turner Broadcasting. News outlets at Turner continued to carry the story of "suspicious devices" around Boston despite the fact that their colleagues had in fact coordinated the stunt. I imagine that the people who placed these devices allowed the panic to continue for a while before explaining the stunt to authorities because of the chance for more publicity (which has definitely panned out). I don't think there's anything wrong with placing weird devices around, but maybe next time they should inform the police and their fellow news outlets.

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