Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I don't expect the new Identity, Sovereignty and Tradition Group (read: extreme right) in the European Parliament to last. These guys are loners in their daily political dealings. While by and large they are power hungry like any other bunch of politicians -- and the Group will indeed increase their power -- they are more used to being provocative and less used to compromise, especially when compromise entails agreeing with fellow group members from -- horror of horrors -- a country other than their own. The oxymoron of nationalist political parties allying together will eventually cause the breakdown of such a group. In addition, these politicians constantly decry the bureaucracy of an international institution like the EP -- they should watch out or they may be forced to implement bureaucratic schemes of their own to manage their new group.
(EUPolitix on the far right grouping.)

British MEP Ashley Mote is already threatening defection over one Bulgarian's anti-semitic remarks. (EURSOC)

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