Monday, January 22, 2007

A WashU (yay WashU!) student snagged an interview with Michael Devlin, the kidnapper of two boys over the course of two years, who was recently apprehended in Kirkwood, Missouri, and who is now in the slammer.

"The New York Post article was written by correspondent Susannah Cahalan, a New Jersey native who attends Washington University in St. Louis and once worked for the student newspaper there." (STL Post-Dispatch)
However, she got in to see Devlin by lying about her relationship
(NYPost story.) She reports on such things as what kinds of books Devlin is going to reading in prison, his social life, his work at Imo's pizza.

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sun_sand_rain said...

The question by journalist and those teaching journalism is whether the student/reporter's actions were professionally ethical?