Thursday, April 12, 2007

Emergency and Disaster Information Services (EDIS): This Hungarian-developed hazards tracker is pretty cool, even though their icons are wacky, unintuitive and unexplained. Supposedly, you can see crises as they happen around the world and get real time updates.

Here's just the U.S. map.

And the rest of the World, which shows the larger crises. The RSOE EDIS integrates Googlemaps to show you close-up where the event is occurring. But the next thing we need is real time satellite pictures! That won't happen for a while, but we can wish, can't we? We civilians, that is.
Biggest problem with this Hungarian disaster mapper? According to its current maps, there are no disasters in Iraq. But a bus accident with 0 injuries in Florida gets its own little icon for "vehicle accident." The same thing happens in the Western media in general; I heard from a reliable journalistic source one time that there have to be 50 deaths for a tragedy from Africa to be reported in the Western news.

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