Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My friend Erika noted yesterday that she and I are becoming regular Czech film buffs. Yesterday we went to go see Beauty in Trouble, a film by Jan Hrebejk, who also directed Horem Padem. Beauty in Trouble was being shown as part of the DC film festival, and the best part was having the director present to discuss the film after the screening. Prior to this, we had seen a bunch of films as part of the Lions of Czech Cinema series, which is sponsored by the Czech embassy. We saw Smradi (Brats), and Wild Bees.

Out of all of these, I liked Beauty in Trouble the best, and mostly because of the character of Risa, the parasitic "uncle" who can't tell a lie in the film. He is a thoroughly pathetic character, yet he also gets the best comical lines in the script.

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