Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Working as an official checker and recap checker at the elections yesterday was really interesting. Working with a Republican checker, my job was actually quite important, and especially as a recap checker, I was responsible for taking down and signing off on the results as they were read off the back of the voting machines after the polls closed. In true Greenwich form, at least one person arrived in horse-riding gear to vote.

Seeing the results as they came off the back of the machines also showed me how popular Jodi Rell, now governor-elect, was in the district, as well as senator-elect Joe Lieberman. House of Representatives incumbant Christopher Shays was also very popular in the district (District 11 in Greenwich) -- he won over Democrat Diane Farrell narrowly. Lamont didn't do very well there, but Republican candidate for senate Alan Schlesinger did horribly, despite the large number of Republican voters in that district.

I think Schlesinger's poor performance throughout the campaign in Connecticut shows how the Republicans in Washington were willing to neglect lost causes in traditionally Democratic states. This is exactly what has been the Democrats' downfall in past elections, and Howard Dean was determined to change that with his 50 state strategy this time around. I think it worked; we are now talking about MONTANA as a pickup for the Democrats. And other Republican strongholds were met with great campaigns from Democrats, causing many Republican campaigns to be on the defensive until Election Day.

It was a long day, but overall I was impressed with the quality of people working at the polls. (My sister had a different experience in district 10).

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