Sunday, November 05, 2006

I put the link to the BeMEP game on the right because I thought it would be a cool thing. Like a model UN for students to put themselves in the shoes of a member of the European Parliament. (If it doesn't include at least 15 coffee breaks a day I will be disappointed; I will be similarly saddened if there are no villas constructed from the per diems collected by MEPs just for showing up at work.) (P.P.S.- one of my favorite quotes, Woody Allen, 90% of life is showing up.)

Well, after looking at this cute game, it seems that I can't play with the other kids: Only Europeans are allowed into the secret cabal that is the European Parliament, and they do this by playing a kind of supranational Dungeons and Dragons.

Way to leave me and everyone else out who has been itching to appreciate the European system!

I shall be expecting the nagging complaints about how nobody in the rest of the world gives the EU the respect it deserves....right .......about

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