Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fiji goes through yet another military coup. Here is the interview with the prime minister (now under house arrest) over the phone with a New Zealand news organization. The president has dissolved the parliament . But the prime minister has a strangely passive attitude to the whole ordeal:

"I will be staying at my residence. What will happen to me I don't know. There is rumour that they are going to take me and leave me on one of the islands close to the capital - actually the island where [a former coup leader] is locked up. So I might end up there but there's nothing much I can do. "
Which is sad, because the guy was elected democratically, and now he has to be detained without trial by an undemocratic leadership that won over the country through brute force. Even though coups have been a part of political history for as long as anyone can remember, their detriment to democratic values should be more appreciated, and they should be more forcefully condemned. Why should elections and rule of law matter if the guy with the bigger stick will always win?

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