Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I should have talked about Poland before. Here is a place where corruption persists and yet everyone seems to be accusing everyone else of being corrupt. I would say that is one of the big reasons why the Kaczynski brothers ended up running the country. And then they started lustration after 15 years of relative happiness.

Thus began the political attacks under the guise of anti-corruption drives. For instance, Leszek Balcerowicz, now head of the Central Bank and previous reformer of the country's economy in the early days of indendent Poland, was the subject of a parliamentary inquiry into his use of influence, all turning out to be bunk.

Now Law and Justice Party themselves are being accused of corruption, although I think it might be more a case of politics as usual, no matter where you go. Making deals with people to leave their own party to switch sides and come to yours seems run of the mill, although perhaps not correct. I think it usually occurs with promises of higher positions, rather than money, as the Kaczynskis promised, and that is probably the ethical problem most people are reacting to.

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