Saturday, July 14, 2007

I've been living near 9th street for about 5 months now, and still hadn't been to Vegetate until this past Thursday. Vegetate is a vegetarian restaurant sandwiched between two vacant buildings on 9th street, one of which is even "condemed" for unsanitary conditions (don't you wish the employees of the Board of Condemnation (doesn't that sound biblical?) could spell?). Does not bode well for the restaurant next door, does it?

In any case, the atmosphere inside the restaurant is calm and clean, and having a DJ as the owner meant that the music was good.

However, the food was disappointing. I heard from another person afterwards who had also been there that, like me, she had gotten a dish that looked like it was meant for an octagenarian. The chef seemed to throw in hot pepper pieces to counteract the fact that there was little taste in some dishes. And some things that sounded fancy were failures, like the macaroon (tasteless) and lavender-infused ice cream (not good, despite the fact that I love lavender scents).

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